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    Take in the best things to do in Frankfurt in spring

    Put Frankfurt at the top of your must-do list this spring. This stunning German city offers many delights and surprises to its residents and visitors alike. Plan the vacation of a lifetime with a wonderful break to this charming and historical city. Our guide of the best things to do in Frankfurt will take you and your party on memorable adventures around the city, offer breath-taking views and allow you to be immersed in the overall culture.

    The German city of Frankfurt offers many delights and surprises. Complement your stay at Capri by Fraser Frankfurt by visiting the following sites:

    • Stäedel Museum
    • Palmengarten
    • Main Tower
    • Apple Wine Express

    Stäedel Museum

    As one of the most popular visitor attractions in the city, you’ll find Stäedel Museum at the south bank of the River Main. It’s no wonder that this famous museum has been internationally recognised over the years – proudly housing some of the world’s most famous pieces of art, the collections date back to the Middle Ages and contain over 2,700 paintings, 600 sculptures, 100,000 prints and much more. Get lost in the wonder of the Renaissance and Baroque era, be mesmerised by classical modernism and the art of the current century. This exceptional attraction covers paintings from seven centuries right up to the present day. Follow an audio guide in your language around the rooms to learn in-depth knowledge or join a guided tour party.

    Entry to the museum is quick and easy – pre-print your ticket at home before arrival or pay on the day. The Städel Museum has developed a fantastic spectrum of digital offerings you can use independently on your devices at home, in the museum or out and about. Perfect for an enjoyable morning leisurely browsing around, people of all ages will enjoy the events and exhibitions. Everyone will enjoy this impressive collection - put Stäedel Museum on your list of places to discover in Frankfurt.


    Palmengarten is renowned for is stunning flora and fauna, garden walks, ponds, wildlife and garden walks which are carefully manicured throughout the year. Germany’s largest botanical garden has been one of the city’s top natural attractions for over 125 years. Translating into ‘palm garden’ from German, Palmengarten is a wonderful outdoor space that enjoys 22 hectares. It’s little wonder that this beautiful park is on our list of the best things to do in Frankfurt in spring.

    Explore the exotic greenhouse, picturesque lakes and stunning landscapes. If you’re visiting with children, a fun attraction within the gardens is the Palmen-Express, a special electric train that will take you on a tour around the park, conveniently stopping off at some of the children’s playgrounds along the way. Purchase adult tickets for just €7 and for children’s tickets (up to the age of 13) you can expect to pay around €2.

    Wander through exploring the various zones which categorise the flora and fauna which are laid out in zones to represent different areas of the world. Most placards are in German, so if you are keen to learn more about the educational aspect of Palmengarten, you can visit the official website.

    Take your party to this iconic park which is just one mile from Capri by Fraser Frankfurt. Pitch a blanket to enjoy a picnic or to simply watch the world go by. No matter the time of year you are visiting Frankfurt - the park remains open throughout the year. The gardens are open from 9 am - 6 pm during February to October and from 9 am - 4 pm during November to January.

    Main Tower

    Take a deep breath as you travel up 56 storeys to the observation deck of Main Tower. When you get to the top you’ll be astonished at the mesmerising views across Germany’s fifth largest city from the dedicated Observation Tower.  Snap images for your social media accounts with the sun setting behind the city skyline before indulge in some delicious cocktails or a meal in the Main Tower restaurant. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available for you to utilise during your visit. Frankfurt’s highest vantage point is a great experience for all visitors to see the streets and landmarks mapped out on the horizon below. The views are truly spectacular leaving you with wonderful memories.

    Apple Wine Express

    An exciting addition to our list of the best things to do in Frankfurt is the renowned Ebbelwei-Express. Visitors to Frankfurt can hop aboard this unique and historical tram tour that will take you through the city streets. This charming and exciting way to uncover the city provides a fun way to tour Frankfurt. Jump on the Ebbelwei-Express on Saturdays and Sundays or public holidays.

    This quirky city tour takes place on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays - on schedule and on time. You can use the Ebbelwei-Express just like any normal tram on these days. Just hop on and hop off wherever and whenever you want at any of the stops – the complete round-trip tour takes 60 minutes. Marvel at the views, take pictures of the famous landmarks and make the trip how you want it to be by getting off at your preferred stops.

    The vintage K-carriage tram offers sights and fun facts about the city – enjoy listening to stories through the audio system about the people of the city from the dramatic performers from the Frankfurter Volkstheater.

    Buying your tickets for this exciting trip is easy – just purchase them from the ticket conductor on board and sit back to relax and enjoy the journey. Be assured that this trip won’t blow your spending budget either – prices start from €8.00 for adults and €3.50 for children up to age 14. Not only will you enjoy an extraordinary journey, your ticket also includes a complimentary bottle of cider from the nearby Possmann brewery, some refreshing apple juice or mineral water and a bag of pretzels. This is a firm favourite with locals and visitors alike to learn more about the native Hessian dialect and the famous Ebbelwei apple wine.






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