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    Beers, snacks and lots of fun at Frankfurt's Oktoberfest this September 2019

    • Event: Frankfurt Oktoberfest
    • Date: 11th September- 6th October
    • VenueCommerzbank Arena

    Arguably one of the biggest traditions we have in Germany when it comes to celebrating Oktoberfest, we don’t do things by halves.

    While Munich may be known as the place to be around this time of year, here in Frankfurt we pull out all the stops to have one incredible party. We take it so seriously in fact that we’ve had to move the beer hall to the biggest arena in town to accommodate everyone.

    Are you visiting Frankfurt while Oktoberfest is taking place? Need to know all the essential information and where to stay?  Let Capri by Fraser Frankfurt be your guide to affairs this year.

    When does Frankfurt Oktoberfest take place?

    This year it runs from Wednesday 11th September to Sunday 6th October.

    The biggest misconception is that the event always takes place in October. And while the event does run for a few days into the first week of the month, a true Oktoberfest will always take place in the last two weeks of September.

    Where does Frankfurt Oktoberfest take place?

    This year’s event takes place at Commerzbank Arena in the south of the city.

    What time does Frankfurt Oktoberfest start?

    Every day the event is split into two blocks.

    You can go for the brunch sessions from 10.30 am to 4 pm, or the evening session from 5.30 pm to 12 am.

    What time do you need to be there to get in?

    Your ticket time doesn’t mean you have to be there exactly on time. You’re free to come whenever you want throughout the session you’ve paid for. It is important to know that you won’t be admitted if you arrive one hour before your session ends.

    And if you’ve booked a table seat for the evening, you guaranteed seat only lasts until 9 pm.

    Is Oktoberfest Frankfurt a family friendly event? 

    The event is usually 18+. Families can come during the brunch session though as it is usually quieter and better for families.

    Children under 15 should be allowed free entry if you’re going in the morning.

    Do you have to wear a full costume with lederhosen? 

    No, unless you want to go fully traditional for the event (it is encouraged). There is a dress code in place, but it isn’t too strict. It’s recommended you dress just like you’re going out to the bar, so no sportswear, football tops of local teams or what would be considered informal clothing.

    How much are tickets for Frankfurt Oktoberfest?

    Prices vary depending on where you’re sitting. Getting a seat at one of the long tables in the middle of the action will cost on average €42.40, and that includes €15.50 towards your beer. Prices then go up if you’re looking for a seat in the pasture (€48.30) or box tickets (€54.20) which includes money towards your drinks as well.

    You can buy tickets on the official Frankfurt Oktoberfest website, but note that it is in German. 

    Can I get tickets on the day?

    There is a box office which usually has some spare tickets available on the day for the evening session. The box office opens at 5.30 pm every day, and that’s your best bet to get guaranteed entry.

    How can I get to Frankfurt Oktoberfest from Capri by Fraser Frankfurt?

    A short walk from the hotel will get you to Frankfurt Central Station in no time at all. 

    From there you’ll find multiple trains going towards Commerzbank Arena. The nearest station to the arena is Frankfurt am Main, and the event is signposted. 

    Anything to know before going to Frankfurt Oktoberfest?

    You’re there for a good time, not a quick time. Even though it is one big beer tent, everyone does drink responsibly, and security is very strict with attendees who they deem to have had a little too much, so enjoy it but don’t overindulge.  

    Where can I find accommodation near Frankfurt Oktoberfest?

    After partying all evening, you’ll want a hotel room you can relax in and not have to go too far to get a good coffee the next day. Our serviced studio apartments are ideal with their separate living area, kitchen with coffee machine and media hub in the suite.

    Can I get a deal on a hotel suite for Frankfurt Oktoberfest?

    Capri by Fraser Frankfurt has special offers on rooms running throughout the year. Take a look at our offers page to see what our current deals are. And remember that you’ll always get the best rate on one of our suites by booking directly on site.

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