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    Top things to do in Frankfurt in winter

    Due to Covid-19, some of the attractions might not be open, please check with the relevant organisations.

    Home to the financial centre of Germany, Frankfurt might not be the first place you think of as a winter getaway destination. You might be surprised, however, as the city of Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city in Germany and has more than enough activities to keep you and your party occupied over the festive season. There are few places in Europe more beautiful than Frankfurt on a crisp, cold, winter day with clear blue skies. Enjoy an enchanting evening in the beautiful old town in Frankfurt walking around taking in the bars and restaurants and enjoying the warm atmosphere of the city to shield you from the cold weather. Frankfurt can endure extreme temperatures due to its location with winds blowing in from the Baltic Sea, so wrap up warm with your gloves and hat and cross your fingers for a white Christmas in this romantic German city.  

    Delighted to give you inspiration of things to see and do whilst you are in Frankfurt over the winter months in 2020/2021, we’ve provided a countdown of our favourite things to do in Frankfurt this winter. Experience all that Frankfurt has to offer with its rich history, modern architecture, cultural cuisine and arts scene. All within easy reach of your residence at Capri by Fraser Frankfurt.

    8 - Why not take a ride on the Ebbelwoi Express

    Coming in at number nine on our list of the top 10 things to do in Frankfurt this winter is a fun and exciting way to see the city.

    The Ebbelwoi Express is a tram ride that takes you on a historical journey around Frankfurt. The trip takes about an hour from beginning to end and will take you through the city letting you observe the cultural and historic sights. As an added treat, you can also try some of their apple juice or cider while enjoying a charming ride in a comfortable and warm tram.

    7 – Explore Frankfurt’s history at a local museum

    Step out of the cold and into the long and interesting history of the city of Frankfurt. If the weather is a bit more “Singing in the Rain” than “White Christmas” Frankfurt has many museums such as the Städel Art Museum or the Explora science centre.

    The Städel Art Museum has a vast array of interesting artworks. With more than 3,000 paintings, 600 sculptures and over 4,000 photographs on display covering 700 years of European art, the impressive is perfectly suited for a great day out for any visitor to the city.

    Drop in from 11th January, when the museum is due to re-open its doors, to see for yourself!

    6 - Go shopping on the Zeil

    The Zeil district is lined with different shops and international designer brands. If you’re looking to do some Christmas shopping this is definitely the place to visit. Pick up a souvenir of your trip, treat yourself or a loved one or browse the German fashion lines for some continental pieces.


    5 – Sample some of the local cuisine

    Visitors to the city will be pleased to know that apple wine and fried potatoes are never missing on the menu at Apfelwein Wagner’s! Aside from being extremely tasty the restaurant has a great atmosphere, a plentiful menu and should be among your places to visit.

    Frankfurt has a deeply ingrained love for apple wine as you will discover during your trip! The beverage is extremely popular here and can be found in almost every of the city’s pubs and restaurants. Another must try is Frankfurt’s famous crown cake - first made in 1735, and a national symbol positioning the city as the “crown city” of the German empire.

    4 - Visit the view at the Dom Church

    Frankfurt Cathedral, otherwise known as St Bartholomew’s Gothic church dominates the skyline of the Old Town and certainly provides a good model for a photograph. Visitors of Frankfurt can admire its architecture and beautiful interior or climb the tower to enjoy mesmerising views of the whole of Frankfurt.

    3 - Check what’s on at the Alte Oper

    Perhaps you would be interested in hearing Grigory Sokolov or seeing the Frankfurt Radio Sym-phony Orchestra play live. Due to re-open on January 31st, you can view the schedule for its winter program and book tickets for a show while you are in town. Among other things, you can hear time-honoured winter melodies and folk classics, a visit here is a must for all ages.

    2 - Enjoy some warmth inside the greenhouses at Palmengarten

    The renowned Palmengarten is one of the city’s best-loved attractions with millions of visitors each year. The indoor area is popular during winter months with its wide range of different plants including such as Torch Ginger, Wallich Milk Parsley, Red Torch Banana and Angel's Trumpets. Various activities and family events are held here for everybody to enjoy, and should be available from mid-January.

    1 - Attend the Pealing of the Bells

    At 5 pm daily, Frankfurt has the Pealing of the Bells which is an event where 10 of churches in the centre of Frankfurt ring their bells 50 times for half an hour. The event gathers crowds of thousands of people who come out to drink Glühwein or Sekt. Listen to bells ringing to the same rhythm and hear the echoes around the city – an event not to be missed.

    More Sights to See:

    We couldn’t list them all, but here are a few more of our favourite places to visit in Winter:
    ▪ Romerberg Square and Romer
    ▪ Kaiserdom Frankfurt Cathedral
    ▪ Berger Straße (for Boutique shopping you won’t find anywhere else)
    ▪ Saint Paul’s Church
    ▪ Eiserner Steg Bridge, aka, the Iron Bridge
    ▪ Alte Opera House
    ▪ Palmengarten 

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