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    Top 10 things to do in Frankfurt near Messe

    As the business centre of Germany, you might not notice that Frankfurt also knows how to make the most of playtime. Just steps away from the Messe (exhibition grounds), there are modern art galleries where you can sip wine, English theatre to make you laugh and gardens where you can relax among the palms. Wait - palm trees in Frankfurt? Yes, really. These 10 things to do in Frankfurt near the Messe cover the entertainment spectrum.

    1- Palmgarten
    In the centre of this cosmopolitan city is a 54-acre garden oasis. The Palm Garden is the largest botanic garden in Germany and has exuded a calming influence since 1871. Along with elaborate outdoor botanical exhibits – complete with palm trees - and tropical greenhouses, there are boats for rent, a playground and plenty of spots to picnic.

    2- Central Train Station & Bahnhofsviertel 
    The Hauptbahnhof is just minutes from the hotel, making light work of arrival and departure. The surrounding neighbourhood, known as Bahnhofsviertel, is one of Frankfurt's densest and most lively districts. This is Frankfurt’s gritty, if largely safe, underbelly. It holds a robust red-light district as well as some of the city’s best bars and clubs. 

    3- Basis 
    The once abandoned buildings of Bahnhofsviertel are being re-occupied by hip new ventures. The basis is a production and exhibition space that features everything from painting to performance arts. There are over 100 art studios on the premises with frequent shows and performances as well as lectures, discussions and workshops. A similar venue in the area is Gallery Kaiser P.

    4- Goethe House
    Johann Wolfgang Goethe, over 250 years after his birth, is still a giant of the literary world and one of Germany’s greatest minds. Frankfurt is exceptionally proud of their hometown boy and a museum covering his life and work is exhibited in the Goethe family home.

    5- Europaturm
    This funky-looking TV tower is just a short walk from Messe. As the second tallest structure in all of Germany (after Berlin’s Fernsehturm), it towers over Frankfurt’s skyline. Unfortunately, visits to the tower are no longer allowed. 

    6- Main Tower
    Luckily, visits are encouraged at Frankfurt’s Main Tower. Elevators whisk visitors up 200 meters to the observation deck where they can watch the city turn in its business suit for night time casual. Book a table at the restaurant for international cuisine and dynamic views from the 26-foot-high windows.

    7- Senckenberg Museum
    Frankfurt’s Natural History Museum is the second largest museum of its kind in Germany. Here, massive dinosaurs roam free to the excited squeals of children. Visitors can follow the tracks of a Titanosaurus to discover the wonders of the natural world, including a cast of the famous Lucy, extinct animals and a new reptile exhibit.

    8- Alte Oper Frankfurt
    The distinguished Old Opera House elicits the old-world elegance absent in much of the city. Opened in 1880, it was destroyed in WWII, rebuilt in the 1970s and finally reopened in 1981. Engage in a night of high culture by attending a performance, or simply walk by to enjoy how beautifully it is lit at night.

    9- Museumsufer 
    Just across the Main River is the impressive Museumsufer. This riverside aisle of museums includes the world-renowned Städel art gallery, German Architecture Museum, German Film Museum, among others.

    10- Festhalle
    Frankfurt's "Grand Dame" of an exhibition hall brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to the city each year.  Its size is the first thing to impress, but the neo-baroque design and non-stop events also leave a grand impression. Opened in 1909 by Kaiser Wilhelm II himself, the interior dome soars 40 meters into the air. Over the years, it has hosted some of the world’s most famous entertainers as a sports and music venue.  Everything from the MTV Europe Music Awards to the WWE has happened here. After arriving, all you need to do it sit back and enjoy the show.

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    Erin Porter writes about all things German, travel and life abroad at About.com Germany Travel as she manages her team of KiTa worker husband and German-American baby. Follow the adventure on twitter @texkourgan or Facebook at Back to Berlin…and beyond.

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