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    Take a tour of the wineries near Frankfurt, Germany

    One of the main financial centres in Europe and the world, Frankfurt is one of the Globalization and World Cities Research Network’s alpha world cities. It brings together the ancient and the ultra-modern, making it a prime destination for business execs and for tourists – many of whom also visit the superb wineries near Frankfurt, Germany. It’s also a gateway to some of the country’s finest winemaking regions.

    As destination for holidays and weekend breaks, the city has something for everyone. From art and culture to first-class cuisine, sport, and the marvels of powerful urban innovation, it’s a place that will take your breath away. The city’s also close enough to charming wine-growing regions to make daytrips and excursions possible.

    Keep reading to find out about touring wineries near Frankfurt.

    Wineries in Rheingau and Rheinhessen

    If you want to escape the bustle of the city, why not tour the wineries near Frankfurt, Germany?

    An hour’s trip by train can take you into the beautiful wine-making regions of Rheingau and Rheinhessen. There, you can tour wineries in the villages and towns of Hochheim, Nierstein, and Ingelheim.

    While in Rheingau, check out Hochheim village, which you can reach in 25 minutes if you travel by train. The picturesque old town is almost as famous for its baroque buildings as it is for being the home of Hock, which was Queen Victoria’s favourite German wine. Summer, when the town’s wine-tasting stall is open, is a gorgeous time to visit. While there, check out wineries such as Weingut Künstler.

    A 50-minute journey by train will get you to Eltville, another Rheingau village in and around which you’ll find other fabulous wineries near Frankfurt. When you’re not tasting wines at venues such as JB Beckers Weingarten, enjoy a light meal at a restaurant that overlooks the Rhone, and then take a stroll along the peaceful promenade. If time allows, take a bus to Kloster Eberbach, the former abbey that was responsible for Riesling.

    If you head to Rheinhessen, visit the village of Nierstein for Instagrammable architecture, wine tastings at Weingut St Antony, and a hike through Vineyard Glöck, Germany’s oldest vineyard, which was first mentioned in 742 CE. Another village in the region to consider visiting is Ingelheim, famous for its red wine production. Include wineries such as JNeus and Weingut Wasem in your explorations.

    Enjoy local wines in Frankfurt City

    Frankfurt’s an ideal base to explore some of Germany’s best wine-growing regions, but it would be a shame to miss out on some of the attractions the city offers. Why not spend a day in the city taking in a few of its top sights, then round it off by sampling the local wines at your leisure?

    The postcard-perfect Old Town is where you’ll find gems such as St Bartholomaus Cathedral, Römerberg plaza, and the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe house.

    If you’re there on a weekend, hop on the Ebbelwei Express, a colourful old tram that offers unique views of some of the city’s most impressive districts.

    End your day of sightseeing by sampling wines from family-run wineries at Bockenheimer Weinkontor, a low-key wine bar in a former blacksmith’s workshop with a cobbled courtyard in the Bockenheim district.

    Experience German wine country

    Discover the magic of the wineries near Frankfurt, where you can make memories to last a lifetime.

    Get the most out of your getaway. Book a few nights stay with Capri by Fraser Frankfurt today!


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